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2021 WV Beef Expo
April 8-10, 2021


Lot 104 Swank Chelsea 1509
  • RAAA#: 3473413
  • open cow/calf pair-cow due 3/16/21 X Chappell Apache F382

Here’s a pair that you’ll want to put out in the front pasture. This highly productive cow sporting a 103 MPPA herself with calf at side has been off to a great start with CED, BW and CEM all in the top 1% and six traits in the top 25% of the breed and calving 5 calves in 4 years. But what would you expect from this Chelsea cow family? Her paternal grandsire, HXC Conquest 4405P, a very high use Red Angus bull for many years. Expect big calving ease and growth numbers from her Apache F382 calf. Apache with 12 EPD’s ranking in the top 25% of the breed. This sire has it all: Calving Ease, Growth, Milk, Carcass, Good Feet, Legs, and Spring of Rib with an excellent carcass profile.

Lot 103 Vigus Chelsea H2012
  • RAAA#: 4246918
  • open heifer

Chelsea H2012 comes from our Chelsea cow family. Her dam sporting a 103 MPPA. All three EPD’s-CED, BW and CEM in the top 7% of the breed • Moderate heifer with loads of capacity and a super disposition. If you’re looking to start an easy unassisted herd, start here! Sired by Apache F382, a Jeffries Checotah 817C son, who will add lots of growth and longevity to this female. Apache’s Dam is proved to be one great cow with a 106 MPPA.

Lot 102 Vigus Lakina H2017
  • RAAA#: 4246924
  • open heifer

Lakina H2017 is a feminine, dark red, good feet & legs with lots of capacity and a good EPD profile with 7 traits in the top 35% of the breed. Acquiring her big time calving ease ability with CED, BW and CEM all in the top 10% of the breed, from her maternal grandsire-HXC Conquest 4405P and her growth traits from her paternal grandsire, Jeffries Checotah 817C this Lakina cow family heifer is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Sired herself by Chappell Apache F382 with 12 EPDs in the top 24% of the breed. This bull has it all: Calving Ease, Growth, Milk, Carcass, Good Feet, Legs, and Spring of Rib! Lakina’s grand dam’s both touting a 106 MPPA!


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