We are dedicated to producing top quality cattle. Our mission is to provide total performance genetics & breed leading EPDs. We strive for balanced EPDs combined with structural soundness. We will not sacrifice good feet, legs and overall structural soundness for a good EPD profile. Our animals need to work in all environments. Our foundation herd has cows that were purchased throughout the country, so we are confident our animals will prosper wherever geographic location they shall travel. We are focused on providing quality animals for seed stock producers and the commercial cattle industry. Our bulls are grown out, not fed out. We routinely utilize both natural and AI breeding in our program, as well as embryo transfers. Our animals are all ultrasound for carcass data and our bulls are semen tested. We like to provide our customers with as much data as possible in their decision-making process. We are proud of our herd and would love to give you a tour of our facilities and our cattle.

Producing Top-Quality Cattle

Our mission is to provide total genetics & breed-leading EPDs.